Web Application Demo: "Dialect Acquisition"

We want to pitch a working demo of a simple answer to a real concern within the community of working language professionals. The field is dialect acquisition. We will explain the precise applications in more detail in personal communications.

The web application side of our model is fairly straightforward:

1. A form module for end-user audio recording to server (jRecorder is an optionhttp://www.sajithmr.me/jrecorder-jquery,... we can recommend others to you for choosing).

2. Workflow queue, where specially appointed editors may trash or publish form entries (simple queries, with some permissions issues).

3. Some knowledge of RTL input methods, CSS rendering etc. Not all languages are LTR, unfortunately, and it is imperative we support those. We have dropped support for East Asian languages at this stage.

A simple 2-3 page spec will be finished tomorrow, with additional requirements.

In order to keep costs down, we are extremely lenient on the design requirements. We also believe that leveraging Concrete5 User Management and Advanced Permissions, together with Marketplace Add-ons is sufficient for demo purposes. We ask that you be creative within these parameters. We are looking for the big 80% here, not the annoying 20% just yet.

Needless to say, this short term project is for pay. In the mid-long term, we will be seeking the right technology partner to build the entire application out.

Lastly, we prefer programmer(s) be North American, bilingual (or more) if possible, with deep Concrete5 knowledge (or other; we are open to other approaches).


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