Replacing Homepage

Hi, I am using C5 for my site and I am interested in changing the homepage with a more appealing design. If you can give a hand on this please contact me at, [email protected] Cheers Islam

I am looking for a new website developer to work with my marketing team to make updates and perform general maintenance. In addition, we need an SEO expert for Concrete 5. If you are interested in either, please reach out ASAP.

Website Change Requests

Hi All, My team is looking for an additional CSS/Dev to assist us in misc. website change requests we receive for our clients. We currently have someone doing this (and they are great) but we need additional help during peak weeks. There are a few …

Audio recorder in web form

Hi, I am looking for someone to implement a simple audio recorder (limit of 30 seconds) in a web form within a .NET project. Thanks

Blue compare versions boxes

I have 15 compare versions blue boxes on my site which appeared after I installed the latest version of concrete 5. I would like to get rid of them but no idea how to do it? Could anyone advise in laymans's terms what I need to do?

Forum Integration

Hi All, Looking for a forum solution integrated into a c5 website. Ideally, using a c5 login would keep the same user status for the forum. Looking to find either a - C5 specific solution. -or- - 3rd party solution that can be integrated through…

Looking for PHP Developer with Salesforce API and Concrete5 Experience

We have a specific project coming up which will require some Salesforce API integration. The project won't involve concrete5 per se much, but I'm also looking for a developer to work on additional concrete5 projects down the road. I'm not really lookin…

Looking for a Developer for

Hi, we are nonprofit university looking for a local (Los Angeles, CA) Concrete5 web developer to help optimize our website. Check out the current website: Here are some details about the site: - The website uses a custom built th…

active campaign

My site has a MailChimp template and I am moving to active campaign Anybody can help me replace this Mailchimp template with active campaign template. Cheers

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