Addon domain addressing

Used to be able to send links to child pages within an addon domain directory on my main domain. Now everything after the forward slash is ignored and defaults to the addon domain's index page. Example: has a directory with pointing to it. If I type in a browser, the browser ignores /feedback, and all other sub-pages, and brings up home page. Now the only direct link is Links within the addon domain site work fine.

Using Version because the following updates brought error messages. These errors messages were years before the addon domain issue.

Asked hosting tech support for help with addon domain issue, found no problems on their end and was told to contact Concrete5.

Hope you can help, it used to work.

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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
What is the content of your htaccess file?
dennwaf replied on at Permalink Reply
I seldom poke around in the host file manager, so excuse my ignorance.

I searched public_html/.htaccess and it showed an empty directory. I assume it's a hidden folder since I don't see it in the tree.

More search results for .htaccess shows: