Captcha not showing in extended form in Stack

I have taken over a site from another developer. They have Extended Form installed and working properly with Captcha in Contact Us page, etc. However, there is another form in a flyout when you hover on "Request Estimate". I have ticked the box for Captcha but it won't show no matter what. Below is the code from the template the form is using..
defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die("Access Denied.");
//echo $survey->surveyName.'<br>';
$miniSurvey=new MiniSurvey($b);
global $c;
<div class="req_est">
<a href="#">Request Estimate</a>
<a name="<?php  echo $survey->questionSetId ?>" style="display:none;"></a>
<?php  if ($invalidIP) { ?>
<div class="ccm-error">
  <p><?php echo $invalidIP?></p>

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
It looks like the code for the form is hard-coded into this template instead of using the actual form block. You will need to copy/paste the captcha portion of the form block's code into this template in order for it to show up. Since the captcha isn't on this page you might also have to update the controller for this to check the captcha.
GrizzlyAdams replied on at Permalink Reply
It's strange though, I don't see captcha in the form block at all. I assume I should be looking at Extended Form > view?

Aaronmarp, were you able to find that?
aaronmarp replied on at Permalink Reply
No I wasn't, sorry.