"concrete5 is already installed" - Error after moving site

Hey there,

I moved my concrete5 website yesterday to another server, which runs the exact same system as the former server (apache2, php5.6). I moved the site as the manual told me to, but the only thing I get is this error message (attached).

Does anybody know this problem already and got a solution for me?

Thanks in advance

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you turn off Pretty URLs and clear the cache before moving the site?
Did you update the database credentials in the /config/site.php?
NBfan32 replied on at Permalink Reply
Yep, I did. I already searched for some kind of installed-tag in the file system and in the database as well, but did not find anything. Now I have no idea where the problem might be...
hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
It looks like this gets output from the /concrete/controllers/install.php which would only be called if your config files aren't found correctly I believe.