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A client is looking to upgrade the site. It is built using and I am having real trouble updating. I have tried updating to 5.7 via overwriting my current concrete folder, by downloading the folder and adding into the /updates/. As soon as I do this, the site does not show.

I have to put the database back and the site to how it was.

When I tried using the URL on various forums to access the update, I get either a blank page or upgrade source=dashboard_update page isn't working

Any help would be great.

I imagine the designer block add-on I have would need updating.

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi moonshark,

A related question was answered recently:

concrete5 5.6 cannot be directly updated to 5.7, they are not compatible.

In addition to restoring the database, you will need to restore the files in the update folder.