How to update in compatible with PHP 7

My client has a website made on concrete5 v.

Is this possible to be updated to a version of concrete5 to be compatible with PHP7?

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studio108 replied on at Permalink Reply
5.6.4 is supposed to be PHP 7 compatible. I would try the upgrade on a test server first or back up the entire site before you update. Another reason for testing is to check that the add-ons continue to work after the upgrade.
juandavid0528 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there! in what specific version of PHP is compatible?

Also, how to upgrade an existing concrete5?
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Run an update to, then do a manual update to
juandavid0528 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the response, I have successfully run an update to, then a manual update to

Any idea how can I check if PHP 7 Compatibiity is okay?
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
The core you are running is compatible, so the risk areas are packages and any application code such as custom block templates and theme.

First clear out detrius, such as packages installed and never used. There is no point repairing code you are not actually using. Then make sure all packages are up-to-date. Double-check package versions manually against the marketplace.

Most host control panels have a section to select php versions. So one option is to just give it a go and see what happens. you can always switch back.

A more thorough approach is to go through packages and application code looking for typical trouble spots. The most common issues are parameter mismatches, unquoted constants and use of the 'Object' class.

You can also post a list of packages you use here or on Slack and see whether others report php7.2 issues.

If you use eCommerce, I have posted notes on fixing it for php7.2 at
loletacsd replied on at Permalink Reply
currently running How do I do a manual update to
radeff replied on at Permalink Reply
1. MAKE A COMPLETE BACKUP (files + database)
2. download x5.6.4.0 from (bottom left, or direct - Download on
3. upload this version to your webserver (only /concrete directory)
4. log in with admin account
if I remember well, concrete5 will update for you, otherwise go to system and settings and there is a procedure to upgrade
good luck