How to update to

I have several sites that are below 5.6.4.
I wish to update them so I can use php7 on my server for all the sites.
Can you please tell me step-by-step how to upgrade?
I have downloaded C5.6.4 but don't know the next steps without affecting the sites.

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IHInc replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
what methods have you tried and which step are you stuck on?
trixiemay replied on at Permalink Reply
It seems jammed on the automatic upgrade from the dashboard.
Haven't tried the manual way but thanks for the reference. I couldn't find when searching.
So this absolutely won't screw up the sites?
IHInc replied on at Permalink Reply
everything could go wrong, so you should recreate your existing site and test the upgrade on that if possible. if that's not possible, you should backup your database and filesystem before you try so that you can revert if the whole thing fails.