PHP error / Update Folder

I had to have my server cloned to block some attacker. Since then one site won't load. Error log says... PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on boolean in /home/arcticba/public_html/updates/concrete5.6.3.5_remote_updater/concrete/core/models/package.php on line 66

I'm new to Concrete5 and it's file structure. So I wouldn't be surprised if this is an easy fix. But I'm not seeing why this would be happening.

Any help is appreciated. Site =

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Gondwana2 replied on at Permalink Reply
Did the cloning also involve copying and reinstalling the c5 database(s)? These usually reside elsewhere to your other files, and may not even be on the same server.
schabert replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the reply. The updates folder is there on the new server. This server has almost 20 other C5 sites and none had this issue.
Now the only other thing is before the cloning took place we did have to put the updater file back in because it was missing and the site wasn't working. But after that and before the server cloning the site was up.
I'm expecting a call from the site owner Monday so was hoping to resolve it before it is even noticed. : )

Any idea why it's failing at line 66 of that php file?
Gondwana2 replied on at Permalink Reply
The updates folder is not the database. Are you sure the database for this site was copied across correctly?
schabert replied on at Permalink Reply
I do have access to the old server so I can download the database if needed. So that is good.

I have a call into my dev friend who built this site initially and is good at C5. So I'll see if he can take a look on Monday morning. I'll update this post after the next step.
schabert replied on at Permalink Reply
I can't get to the dashboard with the site in this state. Should I consider some manual concrete update at this point?