Searching Users and User Groups in 5.6 (and database question)

Hi All,

I'm migrating my users out of C5 into another system and I've come across a few things, hoping you can help out.

I discovered that the User Search "Excel" is actually an html format. That is making it difficult as I need to get my user list in csv format.

I used Ajax Member Directory on the following page because I can get it to display many items relating to users in a good table that I can paste into Excel.

However, user search in the dashboard reports 10720 users (which is correct I have checked a csv export from the mySQL table).

Ajax Member directory reported 7,000-odd users. At first, I thought that this was due to the plugin needing members to be in a Group. So, I used JTF's Magic Data to add all members to a 'migration' Group (It is rather annoying that I can't do this in the dashboard because user search will only list 500 members at a time).

That resulted in 9775 users being added to the migration group (still not correct but better). When I display them in Ajax Member Directory, I get different figures again, I still get the 9.081 figure.

Any ideas why I'm getting these different results?!

What I'm thinking to do is to Generate a csv using Magic Data and Magic Jobs... but my skills with MD are not very good, Ajax Member Directory is a lot easier for me if I can get to the correct number of users because I can easily request it to display user attributes, groups and other info.. and have it list all the results on one page ready to copy and paste into excel.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to be easy to export out of C5 to csv or even xml and tracking items back through the database is time-consuming. I've been speaking to some database conversion companies but I'm having to show them where the data is in mySQL so that is not giving me confidence that they will be careful with my data either.

Any ideas will be appreciated!


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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
Export the users as the html file, open that file in Microsoft Excel and Save As a CSV file..
designserve replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for the suggestion.

Unfortunately, because it is html it contains more than one line per user, for some users. It results in merged rows in the html becoming rows with no users in the csv. I'm good with VBA but I can't figure a way to carefully merge all that info into the correct cells.

In the meantime, I've exported directly from mySQL (which unfortunately gives less information) and spent a couple of days checking & cleansing the data, which is now successfully imported into Wordpress - 11,760 members with the same user IDs (so that I can import their other information and posts using a common link).

Having no good C5 upgrade route, this has to happen one way or another :)

Thanks again,
designserve replied on at Permalink Reply
As a follow-up. Ajax Member Directory is an excellent plugin which can be configured to show and title any member fields appropriately. But it is missing about 1500 members in my case, or possibly just the count is not correct. In case anyone finds that information useful.