Server migration creates redirect loop

My hosting company migrated all of my sites and files to a new server (not my decision) and now my main site has a 301 redirect loop giving a 'too many redirects' error.

I didn't change anything, and I have alerts from Pingdom showing that the site went down the same day the server migration took place. It was all working before, and I don't know what's changed to make it not work. The hosting company is no help - they don't seem to accept that they caused this problem and are not helping me troubleshoot.

Is this an htaccess thing caused by pretty urls? If so, what does my htaccess need to say? (I will have set this up before, but can't remember, or find a backup of this)

Any help hugely appreciated.

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talia7 replied on at Permalink Reply
My hosting company has, under duress, resolved the problem for me. I'm including the information they sent me in case it's helpful to someone else. Below is the explanation I received from tech support:

the new server configuration includes "a caching service setup called Varnish. Due to the way this interacts with Apache and SSL, at times it can cause problems with existing SSL forced redirects hardcoded in the site software application. Usually, it's enough to disable Cachewall in your cpanel for that to resolve, however in this case it was not. With your site it runs a plugin called 'jbx_force_ssl' on Concrete. There is a small section of code located in it which I've disabled by commenting it out. In its place I've updated your .htaccess for force SSL redirect via another method."

Unfortunately, that's all I know, so can't offer more detail.