Setting aria-expanded value for a block


I'm new to Concrete, i've taken over the running of a V5 website. To be honest i'm used to coding from scratch using html and php etc, so i'm not used to 'blocks' etc and i'm struggling to find my way around. The person that built the site created created a 'Content section' in the dashboard, beneath this are headings of 'Content' and 'Content Type'. The items listed in the Content page are displayed on a page of the website. The owner would like these items to be expanded when the page is viewed by default. Having looked at the source of the page displayed i can see 'aria-expanded is set to 'false'. Can anyone please tell me where or how i can change aria-expanded='True' for this block?

If i go into edit mode for this page in question and try and edit the block i just get a message 'This block was copied from another location. Editing it will create a new instance of it.'

I can't see anyway of editing this blocks settings or appearance, it's pretty frustrating to be honest....

Any help greatly appreciated! :-)

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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
Screenshots of what you are seeing would be a great help.