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I saw an older screenshot on the auto-nav primer page in the legacy tutorial for a sidebar sectional navigation (old_sectional attachment). I'm trying to build this on two pages of our current website, but I do not understand how the content on the child pages will be displayed on parent page within the main content block. (screenshot attached).

In the sidebar or "left stage", is the solution adding a auto-nav content block? In the screenshot example, how would clicking on the links to "funding", "scholarships", and "grants" show the content from those pages in the right stage content block?


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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
That's not exactly how it would work. Clicking on the link would load the page that link points too. On the page loaded you would add the content. So you'd have 3 different pages, each with the same autonav block and different content and every time you click a link the whole linked page loads.