Site logging out continually and can't up load files

Hi there,

I've been reading through forums about similar issues but I'm not finding a solution.

I'm running and have not had issues what so ever until now.

First the site was constantly logging me out when I would try and switch between pages on the dashboard.

For example, I would click System & Settings and the url would say that's where I was going, but it would take me to the login page. So I would login and then it would take me to System & Settings. The next problem with that, is that no changes could be saved because as soon as I'd click save, it would shoot me to login again, so I'd login and then it takes me back to where I tried to save the changes and they were unsaved. Repeat.

The other part that isn't working is the file manager. I try to upload an image and it just thinks and thinks and thinks but never shows and error. When I choose Upload Multiple, it just says, Unable to add files. I can only view the first page of files as well. If I try to go to the next page, it says, unable to access the file manager.

I've been on the phone/chat with the host (Go Daddy) for hours and they've tried things on their end with no luck.

Any insight is so so so super appreciated.

My error log is showing this:

[03-Oct-2017 04:51:14 UTC] PHP Warning: rmdir(/home/brendabakker/public_html/ Directory not empty in /home/brendabakker/public_html/ on line 99
[03-Oct-2017 04:51:14 UTC] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/brendabakker/public_html/ in /home/brendabakker/public_html/ on line 421

Thank you

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weyboat replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
This sounds very much like a cache issue, So..
Turn off all concrete caches.
Via FTP or Control Panels File Manager, navigate to root/files/cache and delete all files and folders in there.
Navigate to root/files/tmp and delete everything in there too.
Go to GoDaddy's Control Panel and look in the 'Software' section and turn off Varnish Cache and or Cachwall Cache.
Go to phpmyadmin and truncate the 'PageStatistics' table and ditto with the 'WorkflowProgressHistory' table.

Report back here with the results..