Uneditable Content Page Body

Hi all,

Probably a simple explanation, but I've Googled and searched several hours without success.

A previous developer left and I have inherited our website using Concrete 5. I have never used it before. Another project is being done to complete re-do our site, but for the meantime, I have been assigned maintenance.

We have several pages that I am unable to edit. For most of the pages, I have found the blocks and stacks and I am able to make changes. However, we have several pages where the body is completely uneditable in edit mode. I can't find it's actual content anywhere, or figure out how I can possibly edit it.

Most of the info I have found refer to an error presented when trying to edit. This content is not highlighted, marked or clickable in any editable way. Also, no errors are present.

Any help would be appreciated. Probably it's a dumb answer, so I expect to be facepalming. However, I have done several hours of due diligence research first.

This is version 5.6. It will be going away soon so little point in upgrading.

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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
Possibly the pages in question are using a custom page template with the content hard coded in.
Check the page design to discover the template being used and inspect the template in a html editor..
Otherwise, it could be a permissions problem, where you don't have the necessary permissions to edit the content, although, it you are logged in as the super user you should have global permissions.
Menace232 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the reply weyboat.

I believe I have found the name of the template. But I cannot find where it lives. I've done filename searches, tried to find a reference location, searched common concrete template locations and haven't found it. Is there an easy to find where this template is?

ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
It should be in your theme folder.
If your theme was part of a package, then look in the root/packages folder.
If it was just a theme (not packaged), then look in the root/themes folder.
Alternatively, it could be in the root/single_pages folder.