Update from 5.6 to 5.7/8 with migration_tool


i have a running installation of version which i want to upgrade. I used the migration_tool in order to export my data. Then i installed a clean system in order to import the data. Both with 5.7 and 8.1 the migration_tool could not be installed with error message: "This package requires concrete5 version 8.2.0a1 or greater."

I am lost... i hope anyone can help me. :)


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jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Florian,

I'm including the whole process here for anyone else that might run into this problem - you already said you have installed.

There are two versions at http://concrete5.org/download that you want.

First you want to upgrade your legacy (after clear cache & database backup) to - very bottom of the download page.

Then a fresh install of 8.2.0RC2 (greater than 8.2.0a1) - second link on the download page. Of course waiting for 8.2.0 full release should also work.

Then grab the lastest packages from GitHub:

https://github.com/concrete5/addon_migration_tool_legacy... for

https://github.com/concrete5/addon_migration_tool... for 8.2.0RC2

Much work has gone into the migrations specifically for these versions.

Keep us posted on your progress - John