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Soooooo...I'm a little behind updating Concrete5. I miss the auto upgrade features <g>. Concrete5 user for 6 years.

I'm a editor not a developer so some things take a while for me to figue out. I read through pages and pages of legacy documentation and still can't upgrade.

What I have done: Backed up my database. Downloaded the legacy updates from 5.7.0 through Removed the extra files and moved the Concrete folder to my host.

Went back to my Dashboard, naviagted to upgrade "No upgrades found".

Then I read about upgrade 5.6.4! But its not listed on the legacy download? Do they need to bedone sequentially?

Appreciate the help. Eventually, I want to get to Version 8.


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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Joe
I have been upgrading some sites just recently for members of this forum (as a paid service) and what I can tell you is that if you want to move to version 8, there is no upgrade method that will take you from 5.6.
You can use the migration tool to export your content from 5.6 but you will need to replace your theme and addons to be version 8 compliant before importing your content again.
It is often easier and better to rebuild your site from scratch on the new platform.

Upgrading to 5.6.4 can be done by using the github legacy master and extracting the web element from that. You will have to replace your concrete folder with the one found in the web folder and carry out a manual upgrade using the index.php/tools/required/upgrade?force=1 method.
You will then need to track down (debug) any addons that throw up errors when you switch to PHP 7
I hope this helps
jbrew2 replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes! Very helpfull. So, I will need to get 5.6.4 before going to 5.7.0? And that is in github, correct?

I'll try that route before jumping into Version 8

Thank you for the quick reply!

ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
No.. there is no upgrade from 5.6.4 to version 5.7 as per my post.
5.6.4 is as far as you can go using the upgrade method.
jbrew2 replied on at Permalink Reply
got it. Thanks agan.