Updating server from Easy Apache 3 to Easy Apache 4

I have some legacy CC5 sites on a server running an old Cpanel. To upgrade the new Cpanel it needs to update Easy Apache 3 to 4. Easy Apache 4 will only run with Apache 2.4.

PHP environment is 5.4.45 and Apache 2.2.32 running CC5 up to 5.6.3.

I am guessing some things in old sites and going to break.

What is the best way to see these issues before upgrading??

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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
To test the installs in various environments you can install a local development server on your PC.
I have a windows 10 PC and have installed the WAMP 64 bit Server which allows me to test in PHP environments from 5.3.29 up to 7.3.6
If you do install WAMP don't forget to add this line in the my.ini file (down at the bottom of the file)
[mysqld] (This will already exist, add this next line directly beneath it)