We have 3 legacy installations on our server - all using the common core method, with 1 install of Concrete being accessed by all sites.

In fact, 2 of the sites are actually running on v5.5.2.1, while the 3rd is on

All of the sites have significant overrides of the core, but done correctly (!)

We haven't developed in Concrete5 for some time (we love it, but haven't had suitable projects)

We're just about to move all 3 sites to a new server and it seems a good time to update the Concrete5 versions. So, some questions:

1 - Is this a good idea, or more effort than it's worth for existing sites that are working well?
2 - If we are going to update, should that be to 5.7 or should we jump straight to 5.8?
3 - Is it still possible with 5.7 OR 5.8 to continue using the common core method?

All comments, pointers, tips or recommendations from experienced developers with knowledge of recent versions would be very gratefully received!

Very many thanks in advance

Best regards to all

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
You can use the automated update through to Customisations will not take too much work to get them up to

For 5.7 or v8 you will need to develop new sites and either copy/paste the content, or you may get away with the export/import tools - that would only take care of a few types of block, you would still need to set up some blocks manually and create users etc.

You customisations may need extensive re-development for 5.7/v8. Certainly more that would be involved for a update and possibly complete re-thinking from scratch. Some packages don't have compatible versions in 5.7/v8. Things like forums and eCommerce would need a complete re-think. Packages are there and a fair bit more is already built into the core, but not the ones from 5.6.x

In general, I wouldn't think of 5.7/v8 as an update, but as an opportunity to re-develop with the latest core v8.1. Many web sites benefit from such re-development after several years of entropy. It all depends if you are at that stage yet and have the resources to do so.

Unless you are an expert, developing code for 5.7/v8 can be a much tougher process than developing for 5.6.

You could run some experiments with a test install of v8.1, see how you get on with it before making a final decision. 8.2 may not be too far away and should fix a number of 'beta' bugs that 8.1 suffers, so unless the update is urgent you could wait for a month or two and see how 8.2 shapes up.
mikelaye replied on at Permalink Reply
@JohntheFish Thanks so much for your speedy & comprehensive response!

I will certainly follow all your very sensible advice. Just one question outstanding:

> 3 - Is it still possible with 5.7 OR 5.8 to continue using the common core method?

Best regards
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
I expect totally separate sites may be a difficult because a lot of stuff that used to be in the Config table in the database is now spread amongst many generated /application/config/ php files.

I don't know a certain answer to that. Maybe someone has done it with 5.7/v8 and can post here.

You can do multisite: