Legacy (version 5.6.x-)

Issue with caching

I have a site on concrete5.6.3.2, I've updated my templates to remove a div and when you visit the site the old div shows up on page load, but if I do a hard refresh (shift key/reload) the new template shows, but when I go to the next page, I get the old …

Concrete5 to 8/7?

What is the easiest path to jump right to 8 from Am I better off staying at 7 for a bit? Thanks, Marc

'Not Secure' warning

My client just noticed a 'Not Secure' message while logging on. (See attached image.) Is this new? Something I need to worry about? Can it be fixed? John

Help wanted! Convert customized site to 5.7

Looking to hire someone to help convert a site to 5.7 platform. I have tried the github migration tools and they are failing on the customized theme that I inherited from another company. I'm able to get the old theme installed in 5.7, but I'm str…

Mobile menu and Popup Pro suddenly stop working

Hi there, I'm running a site on and all of a sudden the Popup Pro and Mobile hamburger menu stop working on my site/mobile site http://www.pentictonfoundry.com. I haven't done anything new to this site except add blogs (once a month) for a v…

Forbidden error

Hi Hoping someone can help me. Currently running 5.6.1 and have had no issues to date, however now when logging into the website we are unable to edit the homepage and are getting a Forbidden access error. We can edit other pages, just not t…

Pending Page I want to delete

I have a pending page for an updated that I was going to add to my website but have decided against it. I can't figure out how to delete or decline the pending updates so that I can update information on my current site. Please help. Thanks!

Google Chrome Update - Image Properties in CMS

Hi Everyone, Has anyone experienced issues with the latest Google Chrome update and the content block? The content block will allow you to insert an image, but once the image is submitted you can not open image properties and make edits to the image.

Phone number validation in Advanced forms

I am a little surprised that Advanced forms doesn't offer PHONE as a field option. Has anyone figured out the best way to do this in Advanced forms without being too hacky?

Server Error 500 after moving to new hosting service

Dear friends, I have moved my clients website www.woodvilleindia.com to a new hosting provider and my mistake is that i forgot to switch off pretty urls and cache before backup. Initially i got a message of internal configuration error 500. When I chec…

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