Legacy (version 5.6.x-)

Reinstalling new version of Concrete 5

My site is getting quite old and I need an update, Im running a legacy version but would like to install a brand new current version of Concrete5 Can anyone help? Cheers

Open in new page

I've a site with some custom packages that produce a list of entries. Currently when you click on an entry it opens on the same page. I'd like it to open in a new window, but nothing I've tried works. Any help? [code] value="" /> …

Error during compose

Hi, I've made a page that includes the gallery block add-on. (https://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/gallery/). It works great when I add the block manually. But when I add the block with the compose feature it gives an error when I click "sa…

"concrete5 is already installed" - Error after moving site

Hey there, I moved my concrete5 website yesterday to another server, which runs the exact same system as the former server (apache2, php5.6). I moved the site as the manual told me to, but the only thing I get is this error message (attached). Does …

Swapping header blocks

I just finished a new site in 5.6 and noticed that some of the pages had a 'Home' header and some had a second level header. Is it possible to change the header without having to rebuild the page from scratch?

Sort custom search results

Hello all, I have a site using a custom search that returns property listings. The code is below. It works great, however it's not sorting the results in any way. There are Platinum, Gold, Silver and FREE properties. I need them to sort by the "packag…

Refresh files in assets/lbraries

Hi, I am a v5.7 and later programmer. I got a 5.6 site dumped in my lap. I found the file to made the changes. it is in assets/libabry. the change has had no effect. Do I have to do something to get the new file used?

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