Legacy (version 5.6.x-)

how to upgrade from 5.6.0 to 5.6.3

Hi Team, I am new to concerete. My client want me to upgrade the their site . Because they are getting some security issue with the current version. I want to upgrade the concrete version from 5.6.0 to 5.6.3 Please help me, How can i do that …

SSL Certificates

I currently have a site running on Concrete5 5.6.3 and the client want to purchase an SSL Certificate for this domain. What are the implications to the running of this site and what changes would be required?

Greyed Page on Firefox

If I login to my site on Firefox I get a greyed/dimmed screen which is inaccessible, i.e. I cannot mouse-click on anything such as the edit button, the Dashboard button or any of the website functionality

Login Not Working After Upgrading to PHP Version 5.6

I have a client who can no longer sign in to their Concrete site. They are on a shared hosting account, and I upgraded their PHP version to 5.6. The front-end works fine, but their login doesn't work anymore, even though their password or usern…

Determine what add-ons are actually being used?

Greetings, Does anyone know a way to determine what installed add-ons are actually being used on a site? I have a lot of sites with tons of installed add-ons, both free and paid ones. On some I went way overboard testing out add-ons, etc. I would like…

Keep getting asked for Login

We are at version, and can login with no issues to the dashboard. But then every page that we try to visit , we are then asked to login again (sometimes getting stuck in a loop). Any ideas?

old 5.4 site adding [base_url]/customUrl%% to all links

I know 5.4 is a very old version but I can't upgrade this site. Anywhere there is a content block with a link in it, it's adding "[base_url]/customUrl%%" to the links and a bunch of %'s to the end. Has anyone encountered this? If so, how did u fix it…

Reconnect to community blank screen

I am about begin migrating some relatively quiet C5 5.6 sites to V8, but they reported that they are not connected to the community (three sites). They had been connected at one time and are listed among my projects. If I click on the 'Connect to Commun…

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