Legacy (version 5.6.x-)

Auto-nav Alphabet lettes in results?

Hi, I'm trying to build a auto-nav with all the pages order by alphabet. And I want to show the letter for each 'section' like this: A a page a second page B be here page be here second page Where do I start to make this happen?

Uneditable Content Page Body

Hi all, Probably a simple explanation, but I've Googled and searched several hours without success. A previous developer left and I have inherited our website using Concrete 5. I have never used it before. Another project is being done to complete r…

I have 117 users but can only see the first 10.

When I page to next page of users it says no access rights to users I cannot see any users in groups or anywhere. I was able to create a new user but I cannot search for any others.

account linkages broken

I am basically the stop-gap admin for our concrete website, running concrete The project is linked, but to whom, or what account, I am unable to tell. Even if I knew, I do not have login information for that account. How do I change this s…

how to get project linked without previous account info

I can't find a tutorial or contact information on how to deal with this. We are running, and I need to install an add-on, but cannot. The current error when trying to do anything with the concrete5 community is: The base URL of your site …

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