Legacy (version 5.6.x-)

Fancybox Image Link glitch

I am using the Fancy Image Link addon. However, when the lightbox shows the slides fade on (even with fade off) and slide into position rather than just appearing where the previous slide was. Any ideas how to fix this?

Trying to access File Manager leads to an error

Hi! My customer notified me about some issue on their site: when they are trying to access File Manager it gives the following error: mysql error: [3065: Expression #1 of ORDER BY clause is not in SELECT list, references column 'vanhaonk_crt.f.fDate…

To Migration to database

Hello friends I have site on concrete 5.6.3, now i want to switch to 5.8 that's why I need a migration the database so you have suggestion for migration tool if any migration tool you know please tell me. Thanks

Need to upgrade C5- to latest version.

Hello all, I need to upgrade and migrate my website into latest version. I have tried below link ** way but its not working for me. Can you guys please guide me how can i upgrade and migrate data of my website into latest version. Please help me. …

upgradation of concrete 5.6 to 5.8

I have a website on concrete 5.6 version. Now I have upgrade it to concrete 5.8 or latest version. In site approximately 2-3 cache data and in database is 3 Gb. So please give idea how to upgrade it, with affecting the database. what is correct approa…

Two login forms for separate logins

I have a client who wants people who register on the site to go to different areas depending on the type of registration page. Can I easily set this up or do I need to add addition table to the database? What options do I have to make this work? …

Error viewing page

Hi Our site is using concrete 5.5 and all pages work apart from one. When I click on it I get: An unexpected error occurred. A database error occurred while processing this request. All other pages seem to work fine. The site was recently mo…

PHP extensions for

I have just installed C5.6.4.0 through Softaculous on a server but it is giving me an internal server error when I navigate to the index.php to install C5. How can I trouble shoot this? What is the PHP version required and the PHP extensions? thanks

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