Legacy (version 5.6.x-)

Updated to lost all navigation

Good Afternoon Guys, We have manually loaded in the update, its totally lost all navigation and ability to add blocks into the site to try and rectify the issue. Is there a way of taking the site back to the previous version?

User Permissions for a Block

Hi, I have a couple of content blocks on our homepage that I would like to setup some permissions for. I would like to be able to give permissions to a user group "Homepage banner editor" so that they can only edit these blocks on the page. Could yo…

Adding files to file sets results in empty sets, no error msg

In file manager, I am attempting to add files (specifically image files) to a set. I open the image menu from the image, choose sets, click the set in the 'sets' dialogue, click update, and all seems well...but no images ever show up in the set, or any se…

No Access to Website

Hi, I just attempted to update my Concrete 5 & it immediately threw up an error message & my site is no longer accessible. The following message is now shown when trying to view my site: Warning: require(/home/loscont2/public_html/www.losconteros55.…

Google Search Console: Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt

Just noticed this coverage warning in one of the old sites. Search Console is giving warnings on these pages: /tools/required /tools/required/captcha?nocache=" /tools/blocks/form/ajax_responder I've commented out the line in robots.txt: #Disallow: …

An unexpected error occurred.

Hi we had site which we have moved from old host to new host. Did this by exporting database using PhpMyAdmin then uploading it to new hosting account. I had various errors which I have managed to get through they seem to be related to how MySQL has…

create facebook addons

Hello friends I am creating a Facebook ad dons for log in . I don't want to purchase this. I want to make our own custom ad dons. How i can is possible please suggest me. thanks in advance

Meta Title Description table in phpmyadmin

Hi Im trying to find the table phpmyadmin or qry i can use to somehow populate a list to export the meta title and descriptions of all the products in the old core commerce plugin. any help here will be very much appreciated.

Marketplace Deletion Soon - What about documentation?

Hi All, I understand that the 5.6 marketplace will be removed very soon. I already am not able to buy addons that I wanted because unfortunately not all developers respond, can't blame them I suppose. Are there any moves to archive documentation for…

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