Can we make company account and manage by multiple user..?

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Somebody can help..?

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goldhat replied on at Permalink Reply
You might want to expand on your question to make it clear what you are asking? I can guess you're referring to ecommerce, instead of a single user, a company user... but what is the context. What are you trying to achieve. Put some effort into question maybe people will put effort into reply.
fudyartanto replied on at Permalink Reply
apologize for my laziness to write clear question..

Now.. I start running business.. to produce add-ons for concrete5..
I'm looking some way to allow all my team member to manage my add-ons in the marketplace.. so they can manage documentation etc..

I can see in the profile we can set account as "company".. but that's not solve my problem.. I want keep publish my personal information
MichaelG replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
What I've done in the past is assign licenses to my team, and they subscribe to the add-ons support forum to help reply.

But they still can't manage the add-on itself.
fudyartanto replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank MichaelG,

Seems now this feature not supported by Lets hope core team start thinking about it and make improvement in the marketplace.