Is the package lint test reliable?

I've just tested my package at the Marketplace Linter:

And following tests have failed:
- The `has_icon_test` -> The package has an icon in PNG format 185x185px at the root of my package (same level as the controller)
- The `invalid_legacy_namespace_test` -> in a HelpServiceProvider I'v added, which works just fine.
I'm confused, because my package installs fine, the HelpServiceProvider works fine (No namespace errors at all!!)

**So I'm asking myself if the Linter is reliable?**

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Its referring to the package icon that (if I remember correctly because I just use the provided photoshop template - please double check) needs to be 97x97. Themes within a package have a thumbnail that has different size requirements, as do blocks.

The second point is because there are things that still work but are deprecated. Within the package, stuff generally has to be within /src/ (including helpers unless you have a custom autoloader), then helpers need to be registered and finally loaded with core make.

Most of the old Loader::Something stuff from 5.6 still works, but is deprecated. Its your choice for your own use, but not for the marketplace.
daenu replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for the quick answer.
1. In the guide it says that the icon size doesn't matter as long it isn't bigger than 200x200px
2. I've added my HelpServiceProvider exactly as described here:

So, I'm stiil a bit confused, as I developed this package from scratch for 5.7. It never existed in 5.6
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
On your first point, I suspect you are correct and that the linter has not been updated to match what 5.7 will accept. As the icon will only ever be displayed at the smaller size (see the submitting to the marketplace page), you may as well shrink it to size and save yourself the hassle.

On the second point, that is new functionality and I have not seen any implementation of that come through the PRB so far (sorry, I got the wrong tangent with my answer about helpers, a totally different topic to help). I suspect you may be correct again that the linter is not up-to-date with that.

I suggest you PM Korvin and point him at this thread. He looks after the linter. And/or you could submit the package for review with the second point failing and someone who knows the core inside out like @mnkras will then assess and grant an exception on that test so the review can continue.
daenu replied on at Permalink Reply
Ouff! I feel quite relieved now... I already tougt that my skills aren't what I ment them to be ;-)
Thank you again. I'll PM to Korvin tomorrow.
As for the icon, the size of it isn't that important after all.

But for now, I get myself a beer cause I've made my day (Timezone Western Europe/Berlin) .
Wish you a good day & and a beer too at the end.
daenu replied on at Permalink Reply
Here is the path to the HelpProvider:
And it looks like this:
namespace Concrete\Package\PackageHandle\Help;
use Concrete\Core\Foundation\Service\Provider;
class HelpServiceProvider extends Provider {
    public function register()
Korvin replied on at Permalink Reply
The invalid legacy namespace test is a test that was added recently to circumvent a common legacy issue with moving to better namespacing in 5.7.5, it is safe to ignore in cases where it is not legacy usage.
martbase replied on at Permalink Reply
I just ran the linter on my package (a theme) and got this failed test

File: fluid960gs/

How do I fix/clear this error.