plugin failing tests

OK may sound like an obvious question but...
I know I have a plugin that is failing tests for 5.7.4
I am now in a\ position to review and resolve these but when I look at the list of plugins I have in the market place they all appear to show up correctly. How do I find out which tests are failing and how do I submit an update to the plugin?
Before 5.7.4 was released I would go to the plugin in my profile and would see the issues, now I see the plugin as though it were released.
I am still learning this process sorry if the question is a dumb one...

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micrdy replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi! To update your binary go to your addon and there is a small (very small) "Edit Add-On" Button beneath the title of your addon. On the right sidebar you may choose "Update Files & Compatibility". There you see all your automated test. Cheers, micrdy