Skill levels for marketplace addons and themes.

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In response to a request for clarification about skill levels for marketplace addons and themes.

Black/Bleeding Edge -
a) Making a simple mistake in use could break a site.
b) Modifies what the core does in a way that could lead to subsequent breakage (eg, overrides core).
c) Does something radical we can't fully test.

Red/Expert/Developer -
a) Requires programming ability.
b) Would have been Bleeding edge, but carries sufficient defensive mechanisms that risk or consequence of breakage is well guarded and can be rectified.
c) Could have been Intermediate with better documentation

Green/Beginner -
a) Requires no special knowledge beyond basic c5 site owner ability to install/configure/use it.
b) Franz's mum could use it.

Amber/Intermediate -
a) Requires some expertise to install/configure/use.
b) Install/configure/use is complex.
c) Configuration involves third party services that are themselves complex to configure
d) Does something that only a site owner with some expertise would be interested in doing.
e) Not well enough documented for a beginner
f) Anything between Beginner and Expert.

Overall, its subjective, changes with time and comparison to previously approved addons, changes with experience of consequences of previous decisions. Something that would have been bleeding edge a few years ago may be developer level now. Sometimes it goes the other way.

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