Crap, I was halfway in the process of developing a Single Sign On add-on for the Marketplace when I discovered Concrete 5.7. already has SSO (AuthenticationTypes). I did a search before (and just now) to see if Concrete 5.7 already had SSO and couldn't find any results. That is a lot of work out of the window. What can I do next time to avoid this?

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
I feel for you. I fell into a similar dead end way back on 5.5 or perhaps it was 5.4, starting to develop something then realising it already existed.

As well as searching this site I now usually do a text editor search through the source and c5 on github for any keywords that may be relevant. It leads me to loads of false results, but sometimes even reading the code from a totally spurious result can be educational :-)