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Code review before Marketplace submission

I am writing a new add on that I intend to submit to the marketplace. What is the best way to get a general idea that my code is on the right track, or if not then to get suggestive feedback to improve it before submitting? Dex

Composer, Linter, & The Marketplace

Hello, I have kind of a unique situation. I'm in the process of porting Backup Pro to Concrete5 and I recently learned there's a Linter available to validate the code for inclusion into the marketplace. Inclusion into the marketplace is VERY important …

Unable to connect to database.

when i try to open my web page in either IE or Firefox i get the following: Unable to connect to database. A database error occurred while processing this request.

5.7 Third Party Library "require":???

I am working on converting an existing 5.6 Marketplace Add-on to a 5.7 Marketplace Add-on. 5.7 Documentation for third party libraries are now delivered by the Composer Dependency Manager. I have followed the steps listed for using Composer to add the l…

Problems with links & attributes in content.xml

I've got a new theme in for approval and there's two things that are catching me out when I generate a content.xml file to enable full content swap. First off, I've got a link in a global area that's not working when full content swap is imported in. …

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