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Auto submit code to marketplace

Hello together, i have created a GruntJS Plugin for package developers. With this plugin it is possible to automatically submit code to the concrete5 marketplace. Your can find the plugin here:…

Unsupported Marketplace Items

In response to a recent security problem, it was decided that pre-emptive action should be taken against marketplace items that pose significant security risks:…

Discussion forum for C5.7

Is there an add-on similar to Discussion Forums for concrete5.7? Is the concrete5 community forum available as an add-on for concrete5.7?

Notifications are currently broken

Notifications of posts to PRB reviews are currently broken. If you have a marketplace submission under review, please check review page. If you are a reviewer, also please check in on reviews you have been involved with.

Package translations

What about adding a link to for every package in the marketplace? I'm thinking about something like what you can see in the attached picture. The link for the new "Translate" link would be [code]https://translate.concrete5.o…

Superseding an Add-on

I've got a simple add-on ('Back Up Files') at This comprises a single job that, unsurprisingly, makes a back-up copy of a site's files (except database). I've now developed a second job that …

POP-UP Solution

I am using Concrete 8.1 currently. Are there any Add-ons for Pop-up that will work with this version. I have been slightly disappointed at the available options past version 5.7 as far as add-ons go. Am I missing something or is it just a waiting game at …


Are there any pop-up solutions (for newsletters) similar to OPT-IN addon that is compatible with the newest version of concrete 5 (8.5+)

Issues with themes updating to latest versions of C5

I've had a couple of support requests in recent weeks with themes not working when a site owner updates to the latest and greatest versions of C5. One thing that is causing issues is grid framework support. The documentation for theming and keeping…

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