Clearly have them in my cart, no way to move them?

I have the theme Stucco in my cart. But going back and forth and bringing several different browsers into the game to rule out it being a browser issue has done absolutely nothing. I did have it installed and active earlier yesterday, as a matter of fa…

Modifying the HTML5 Audio Player Pro theme

Hello, I am using the HTML5 Audio Player Pro and want to change the width to the size of the longest file name. The file name hangs out on the right hand side. I am using the Blue Monday template, image attached. Any help appreciated.

Update Slate

Does anyone know how difficult it would be to update the Slate theme to version 5.8? I am currently using this theme for a school on version and would like to update them to newest version because of security purposes. Any ideas?

external link in navigation using dropdown

Hello, In my C5 site, I am using auto navigation and have an external link in there which displays a dropdown. I can see the external link in the sitemap, and I can edit that link, but I don't know where/how the child pages (which are also external link…

Making my Header Image editable on every page of my site

Can any one tell me how I can change the Header Image for each page in the Grunge Columns Theme? I am wanting the main Home page to have the image it currently has and each "sub page" to have a smaller header image and be different on each page (I only ha…

Theme not showing in my licenses

Hi all, I'm new to Concrete5 and i just purchased the fundamental theme for a project, the process is completed now but when i head to check out my theme, it's not appearing as to be install. Please advice urgently. Thanks Jeffrey

Custom Mobile Theme not working

Hi all, I have been creating custom mobile themes for Concrete5 sites for a while, and have had great results. My normal process is to develop a base theme folder with 3 sub folders. One sub folder has the desktop PHP files, one has the mobile PHP file…


Hello I used the standard theme and I want now make my site multilingual. For that, I need to copy the elements from my home page to home language home page. How can I copy just the entire home page to get the same blocks on the new site? I tried t…

Where are custom designs stored if not in the database?

A client of mine has set up a site using the Clonemental theme. She changed the background-color of some pages and she also changed the background color of some block areas. Now: when I duplicate her site on my local server, these background colors ar…

Theme Custimizing

I have customized the Stucco theme that is installed on one of my sites, and I want to transfer those same customizations to another site with the same Stucco theme. What are my options?

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