adding predefined css styles in /* customize_miscellaneous *//* customize_miscellaneous */

Hi guys,

I try to add predefined styles between /* customize_miscellaneous *//* customize_miscellaneous */.

But I just can add one style like:
/* customize_miscellaneous */ .wrapper.nav {box-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000}./* customize_miscellaneous */

When I try to add more styles like:
/* customize_miscellaneous */ .wrapper.nav {box-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000} .wrapper.nav a {text-decoration:none}/* customize_miscellaneous */
changing this CSS in Dashboard (Themes ->Customize) has no effect.

Is it possible in general to predefine some CSS Styles in main.css e.g. that they appear after resetting the customized CSS Styles in Dashboard?

Regards Torsten

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ronyDdeveloper replied on at Permalink Reply
/* customize_miscellaneous */ .wrapper.nav {background-color: #fff} .wrapper.nav a {color: #000}/* customize_miscellaneous */

These are 2 different css rules. So you need to define it separately. Its the basic rule.

/* customize_nav */ 
.wrapper.nav {background-color:#fff}
/* customize_nav */
/* customize_nav_a */ 
.wrapper.nav a {color: #000}
/* customize_nav_a */

Like this..

tsilbermann replied on at Permalink Reply
"color" is a bad example... (I changed this above). I mean in the small separate CSS window, where you can add extra CSS.
How can I define some CSS that appears after resetting the theme style (because otherwise all CSS properties like "wrapper.nav, .wrapper.nav a" will be lost after reset)?
For instance a user likes to change more than color and font, I can put some CSS properties in there (like .wrapper.nav a {text-decoration:none}) that he can change. But it needs to be there after resetting the theme style.

Its described here:

/* customize_miscellaneous */ /* customize_miscellaneous */
"(basically an empty style comment) at any point in your styles, and that
will allow your theme to incorporate the free-form
enter-any-kind-of-css-you-want text field (for even greater control.)"

I tried to put some css between this comments but only one style appears. I thought "basically" means there are more options to work wit this /* customize_miscellaneous */.

Am I wrong?
ronyDdeveloper replied on at Permalink Reply
Well if you reset this theme style, its not possible to hold that misc css rules. Rather you can create a dashboard settings page to allow input custom css rules and push it into site header.
If you are not upto custom coding and need a page by page solution, then this block might help.