Additional CSS?

I'm trying to add some custom css to an html block in order to style a button. I add the CSS under 'design' but nothing happens. Is this the wrong place to add the css?


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pixelsgeek replied on at Permalink Reply

You try to add a class for your button and open the main.css file ( in the your template ) and style for it.

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ThemeGuru replied on at Permalink Reply

What might be even better is making a custom template for the block.

That way you wont disturb the dashboard buttons (ie file manager).

Here is a tutorial:

Hope that helps.

admin replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the help. Working now.

After adding the proper css to the main stylesheet, I found 2 easy ways to style the block. The first is within the html block by adding the class name to the html. The 2nd was to add the class name to the 'set block style' area of the content block. Are either of those methods ill advised?

I don't understand creating a custom template yet. What are the advantages of that? Thanks.