Any JS issues using Foundation 5?

Does anyone run in some JavaScript issues when making a template based on zurb's foundation 5?

concrete5 comes with jQuery 1.7.2 and foundation 5 requires jQuery 2.x. As I know, it's not allowed to load jQuery a second time!!?? First concrete's 1.7.2 and second the version 2.x.

At this point I use the foundation 5 top bar for navigation and it's working with concrete's JQuery version 1.7.2.

But what if I really need a foundation 5 feature for which jQuery 2.x is needed? Is that possible to realize it and how?

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core77 replied on at Permalink Reply
I think this does the job inserting it to footer.php:
<?php  if (!$c->isEditMode()) { ?>   <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo $this->getThemePath(); ?>/your_jquery_here"></script>  <?php  } ?>

Though both concrete's jquery 1.7.2 and my (newest) version 2.0.3 are loaded...
GundlachMarketing replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey vladd, I'm trying to get the top-bar working right now, but the dropdowns aren't working. Are you using an autonav template?
core77 replied on at Permalink Reply
I coded the F5 top-bar in the elements/header.php. Top bar ist working fine, but acutally I don't have dropdowns in it.

The solution for your problem is interesting for mee, too. Please post it here.

Perhaps I'll test it, too.

Edit: I figured out that jQuery 2.0.3. causes issues when a page isn't in edit mode and you use c5 features like page properties oder versions. So from now on I check if a user is logged in and load jQuery 2.0.3 only if the user isn't logged in.
GundlachMarketing replied on at Permalink Reply
here's my working template ->

To make it sticky, click on the autonav block, click design and add contain-to-grid and sticky to the css classes.