Artisteer export for Concrete5


Artisteer released Artisteer 4.0 Beta and represent Artisteer plug-ins Development. With it possible to create either free or commercial Artisteer Plugins to support export to Concrete5.

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jbarr replied on at Permalink Reply
I just got an email about the final release of Artisteer 4, and this is indeed an excellent move on their part to provide third-party plugin development. Now to find a developer to actually write a Concrete5 Export plugin!!!

I've used Artisteer for several WordPress sites, and if it could export Concrete5-compatible themes, I'd switch over all my sites to Concrete5.

In the meantime, does anyone know how to tweak/modify an exported theme to work with Concrete5?
Cahueya replied on at Permalink Reply
In my opinion, using concrete5 makes the use of Artisteer pretty pointless. I tried to play with artisteer but in the end, writing a nice html template by mabye using a WYSIWYG-Editor like Dreamweaver and converting it to concrete5 is just too easy.

By the way, the cool folks of concrete5 Japan have written some code-snippets for Dreamweaver so you can easily include all the usual php-codes which concrete5 needs.

The only advantage of using another software would be if Artisteer maybe was capable of styling custom templates for all kind of different block-elements which are part of concrete5.

Anyway, I'd try it out in any case, but until now, Artisteer seems to create gigantic-huge file packages for having just a tiny little theme. If this changes - we'll see :-)

Go search the forums and the how-to for "How to convert a theme to concrete5" and use google to find concrete5 + dreamweaver and you will pretty much find anything you need :)
kino replied on at Permalink Reply
Currently under construction.
It is scheduled to be completed in a few days later.
kino replied on at Permalink Reply
Complete. Aready pulished.
You can install from artisteer marketplace.
It's free.
jbarr replied on at Permalink Reply
Dang! I'm interested in checking this out, but unfortunately, I'm stuck on the cheaper "Home" edition that doesn't support Marketplace plugins.
JD46 replied on at Permalink Reply
I can't find the plugin or the marketplace, please help! :(
kino replied on at Permalink Reply

marketplace in artisteer.
leenux replied on at Permalink Reply

I already login to my marketplace. But the download link for concrete5 plugin doesn't exist. Do you mind send the plugin (C:\Program Files\Artisteer 4\Library\Data\Templates) to me by email ?? Your help very appriciate. Thank you.