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i don't know, if i'm in the correct forum here for our problem.
we use the integrated calender on one of our customer webpages.

when the event is on 2 days, the event will not shown on the second day.
For example it starts on the first day on 2 p.m. and ends on the next day on 11 a.m.

is it possible to show the event on the second day too?

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply 3 Attachments
If settings are right, events should across all dates required. See attached images.
e4usolutions replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Steevb,

thats right, this working correctly.
but when i insert the events on a page with an eventlist the events will only shown on the first day, not on the second day.
e4usolutions replied on at Permalink Reply
added to my reply before:

when the day change, the event will not be shown in the eventlist anymore
e4usolutions replied on at Permalink Reply
i found the solution

you have to change the filter in the script.
on the File: concrete -> blocks -> event_list -> controller.php
near by the line 95 is the following entry


This have to be changed to:


$time = Core::make('date')->toDateTime($date . ' 00:00:00')->getTimestamp
$time = time();

than it works and all events will be shown till the endtime in the eventlist