Can't edit editable areas - RESOLVED

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You are adding a few editable regions on the html file.
And on the backend, they do appear but they're not clickable.
The problem should be on your css file.
Remove any z-index attribute from your DIV.
Save and reload.

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ssrgspdkt replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes. This problem occur due to z-index in css. I have Solved in this way.
lackadaize replied on at Permalink Reply
Wow. So glad I found this. checked all my php code thinking I screwed up something with the Areas/Global Areas. turned out to be one tiny snippet of css. thanks so much.
malkau replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi all

I was converting a new template today and came across this issue again.

In the past removing "position: relative" from my BODY tag fixed the issue, but this design didn't have that code. Removing z-indexes didn't help either.

Turned out to be a conflict with jquery... my template included jquery for some dynamic elements which must have clashed with c5's included scripts.

Anyway, I simply removed my template's jquery include and that fixed the issue... sigh: 2 hours of debugging and trolling forums = not fun :(

Hope this helps someone in the future :)
christuton replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi malkau,

Thanks for mentioning JavaScript. It has fixed the editable area problem for me.

Solkawage replied on at Permalink Reply
same here (now I hope that removing that jQuery doesn't break something else!) . Thank you!