Can't install, or purchase any themes.

I have a new Concrete5 build just setup on goDaddy hosted servers and I am trying to test out this CMS to see if I like it or not, I am trying to test out a few of the free themes to get a feel for it but do not seem to be able to install any themes. I have created an account here and linked to my install. I try to "buy" some of the free themes but they don't appear in my licenses list and then when I go to my server's Theme management section nothing appears.

Is there a special method to get these pulled into my site so I can try them out?

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Revocation replied on at Permalink Reply
Hmm, well I found the "add functionality" section and am trying to download the theme but it is "Class 'ZipArchive' not found" I get that same error when trying to download the latest Concrete5 build version.
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Ok, got it solved.
In the host's cPanel, go to Software > Select PHP Version

Then you will see all the extensions for PHP, you will need to enable ZIP.