Column Splitting

Hey there,

Looking for a little fix for my website.. If anybody can help that would be greatly appreciated!

So if you navigate , you are able to see that if you scroll down a bit.. there are 3 columns in my website. Each block should be divided by that grey background color.. but columns have merged together.

For example.. splitting the SAFARI VIDEO and KILI VIDEO by a little grey line would make them each individual blocks.

I have played around with the design function (padding, margins) and cannot seem to figure it out.

Does anybody have an idea on how I can go about fixing this problem?

Thanks for reading

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
You have a shed load of coding errors. View the source of your page and you'll see.

You need to remove ALL the extra 'body' tags within the page 'body' and possibly sort some of your 'div' tags.
kiliwarriorexpeditions replied on at Permalink Reply
Alright I'm going to look into that and start fixing them up. That website is hosted somewhere else and I am currently transferring it to my own new domain.. Going to clean up the errors and fix it all up before I make my .com point to my new one.

Going to take more work than expected haha