(concrete 5.5) Editbar is Covering Slider part of Innovation (cannonf700) Theme

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Im using innovation theme, and I notice that slider panel is covered by editbar concrete v5.5. this problem didnt occur when I using version 5.4.2. As a result, I cant edit all content in slider panel. I dunno if other theme has a problem similar like this.

So I tried to modify header.php and main.css. It's work.
but Im not sure if this is the only way to solve the problem?

Is the problem because of the theme? or there is a problem with core v5.5?

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TooqInc replied on at Permalink Reply
I have one site that does this as well. I just happen to read an article on this today here:http://www.concrete5.org/documentation/how-tos/designers/making-a-t...

The relevant piece:

Fix Concrete5 Toolbar
Depending on how the template was designed, it is possible that the Concrete5 toolbar interferes with the layout when you are logged in (e.g. it pushes down some portions of the page but not others). This happens because your template's stylesheet and concrete5's admin stylesheet are both trying to style the body element. The solution is to change your template's stylesheet so that it applies the body style to a wrapper div instead.

Add the wrapper div to the page type template by adding <div class=“c5wrapper”> just after the opening <body> tag, and </div> just before the closing </body> tag.
In your main.css stylesheet, change “body {” to ”.c5wrapper {”.
Adjusting For Edit Mode
when you're converting a c5 theme sometimes edit mode will cause objects to overlap and make it hard to add content. If you want to adjust for this, add this to your body. From


<body <?php if ($c->isEditMode()) { ?> class="editmode" <?php } ?>>
You can then call the class .editmode {} in your css to adjust an object in edit mode. You may also want to use .ccm-add-block which will target the add block dialogue, or .ccm-area to target the content area. You may need to use !important here. These will get wrapped in your container divs, so you would target it with

.editmode #menu .ccm-add-block {}
to target the menu div add block dialogue.

Not sure if it will work or not in 5.5, but something to look at.
cannonf700 replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm working on a solution for this as well that we will update the package with.
Ryan Vars
aka Cannonf700
PixelPals replied on at Permalink Reply
Just installed theme onto a website I am putting together.
First thing - I absolutely love it, it's clean, sharp and sleek - brilliant.
Second thing - I am having trouble with the panel and the edit toolbar as mentioned above. I really do not want to lose the panel so hope you can help to fix it.
I have looked at the fixes available but I cant seem to get them to work. Anyone got any step by steps instructions on how to get this to work.