connecting theme to website before moving the domain


I currently have my website hosted and I intend to move this website during the upcomming weeks. However I wish to rebuild the site and have this dine before I transfer the domain.
The problem is from what I could understand that the theme I wish to use is in this case "fundamental" and upon purchase it is to be connected to the domain.
Is there a way that I can purchase the theme and start to work on the new website and when I am finished transfer the domain to my new host ?
Basicly i wish to use the old site until the new one is done with no "downtime" but the theme connected to domain gives me a problem.

Thanks in advance for any help that can explain how to solve this issue for me.

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WebcentricLtd replied on at Permalink Reply
you can delay assigning the license and add the theme manually to your new site.
Then you can assign the license to the correct site afterwards.

After you've purchased the theme you can look up your licenses and if it hasn't been used yet you can download the archive and install it manually rather than through the marketplace