Conversion from Wordpress to Concrete 5.8

Hello dear ones,

I want to change my existing website from Wordpress to Concrete 5.8. I have looked around in different themes. Unfortunately I didn't find anything that fits into my existing functions. Can someone tell me in which direction I can go as a musician?

Lg. Andy

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AndySteiner replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry, it's about the site
Cahueya replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Andy,

depending on which functions you mean you could pick up a existing theme or convert a free theme to whatever you need.

What "functions" do you need, or do you want to change anything when building a new site?
AndySteiner replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Cahueya,

I need the function customer opinions "Testimonial" once in the individual overview as well as on the homepage. Then you can click there again on more to see all customer opinions. Also then again sortable. For this I need a player that also evaluates statistics about the songs played.
In Wordpress there is a plugin called MP3Player. I find that quite good.
Then I need a picture gallery and a blog like already on the page.
An extension of the individual menu items would also be nice for later.
It would be nice to move the previous theme to a concrete theme but I have no idea how to do that.

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BrianLandis replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you looked at the Pixel theme? It has gotten a lot of great reviews, and from what I see in the demo it looks like it has some options to customize it.
AndySteiner replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello BrianLandis,

I have had a look at the pixel theme. It is quite extensive. Does it also have an MP3 player with statistics function? In Wordpress there is an MP3Player which has this function. I would need this. With the testimonials I'm not sure if he only displays them on the respective page (as with me) or there is also a function to view them all. And then to be able to select there again according to genres. As already described in the article above I would like to adopt my layout into the new theme but then in Concrete with the current functions possibly with some additional features like event calendar and a nice picture gallery as well as a nice blog.
However, I was made aware of Concrete by a very good friend and I am curious if there are possibilities to rebuild my previous theme on Concrete.
stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey AndySteiner

If you are looking for someone to help you build a theme my Agency would be more then happy to help. We specialize in custom concrete5 themes and moving content from wordpress. Just an idea.

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