Created page_theme.php and immediately this happens "syntax error, unexpected 'namespace' (T_NAMESPACE)"

Hey dudes,

I have been trying to concretize Oleose, a bootstrap3 theme. So far so good. However, as soon as I copy the page_theme.php into my Application\Themes\oleose folder I get the above.

the file has the following contents and nothing more:
<? php
namespace Application\Theme\Oleose;
class PageTheme extends \Concrete\Core\Page\Theme\Theme; {

site runs
PHP Version 5.4.17
c5 version

Is this an autoloader problem? Should I redeclare the namespace somewhere? I've done a bit of reading, however, none c5 specific and I feel I don't posess the required c5core_mastery_level needed to resolve this thing.

Thanks for the help guys.


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jakobfuchs replied on at Permalink Reply
Remove the semicolon?
yoga replied on at Permalink Reply
Nah, unfortunately, but thanks for pointing it out anyway, jakob!
I must add I have tried several versions of that piece of code, suggested here on forums. I did turn off cache settings immediately after a fresh c5 install too. I am just perplexed at how this might be happening, since I used that theme without trouble so far, only after I add the namespace in the page_theme does the error come up (on every page). Since that code is pretty standard concrete5 code and my php version is 5.3+ I have a hard time finding any related namespace issues out there, that's why I started suspecting c5. I am not saying human factor isn't the most suspicious one of all possible causes at the moment, but I probably won't know enough about php by tomorrow morning either, which sucks. :)

Renaming the namespace is probably not a good idea?

btw. I did a pretty standard install, no core changes whatsoever.
jakobfuchs replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Remove the space in the php Tag?

<? php
yoga replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh.. That did it. Thanks! :)
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