Creating Editable Regions in Specifc Areas


I am currently in the midst of developing a website for my local curling club.

I have decided to use Concrete5 for my project and had a few questions.

I know how to added editable regions already; however, how would I go about adding editable regions for specific areas.

My website consists on a main content box, with 3 teasers for info, a sidebar, header, and footer.

The following link shows my template. Areas with a red tint indicate where I want editable regions.

I've tried using the snippet of code for MAIN and CUSTOM etc, but all that appears is text for the database and I am unable to edit it.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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cannonf700 replied on at Permalink Reply
If you use this line of code in each of your editable regions it should work. You want to place the code in-between the <div></div> tags of the element you want to be editable.

$a= new Area('Area Name');

where 'Area Name' is the specific name of your editable area and no two areas can have the same name.

If you want - examine the code of this template for help:
crippleace replied on at Permalink Reply
So the reason why I would see duplicate text in areas was because I didn't the names of my areas?

Thats so simple!

I'll make the fixes right away and I'll reply as soon as I get home from work :)

pixelsgeek replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Crippleace,

You can do for some your areas:

<div id="header">
$a = new Area('HeaderArea');

<div id="mainnav">
$a = new Area('Mainnav');

If you have some questions, you can contact me:

Skype: chuhuutrung :)
jmitri replied on at Permalink Reply
I am using the bootstrap theme for an ecommerce site I'm developing. I've used the examples above to create an editable area on the page type, but what about adding an editable area to the header? I don't see anywhere in header.php that there is an php snipit?
ronyDdeveloper replied on at Permalink Reply
Bootstrap theme is little advanced. It has a no of templates. You have to set a template and customize the header.php on that template

herbyderby replied on at Permalink Reply
this has been helpful for me, cannonf700. thank you.