Editing Global Areas in Fundamental theme


I bought yesterday the Fundamental theme with the sole intention of recreating my successful trilingual website (built with the free Elemental theme) so that it is fully responsive.

Unfortunately, after designing the site navigation menu and more than 25 pages, I realized that the layout is made up to 99% of Global Areas.

I tried creating my own named stacks and my own named blocks but that does not allow me to create individual content for each of the site pages.

1) Is there a systematic way (through php) to turn all those global areas into specific individual "unglobal" page related area ? (All of my pages use the full layout)

2) More generally, what is the point of having so many global areas ? How can each page show its individual content ?

Thank you for your time.


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Whilst there are generic solutions to such problems involving writing some new php templates, you are best asking such questions in the support section for the theme. Click 'Get Help' on the fundamental marketplace page.