Editing System Pages: Login, Registration, etc

Hi Folks! I was wondering if any knows how to make these system pages editable. I figured out how to apply my theme. The trouble is, though, the pages look awful.

I know/think I add this code to a php page(see below) somewhere? But where (default.php?) and what's the name of the areas to edit?

Has anyone successfully done this? I really appreciate your time on this!



$a = new Area('Main Content');

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
they use the view.php

you can customize it like this:http://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/discussion/skinning-and...
msmiller replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, Mnkras.

I think I understand how to customize and make it editable. The trouble is, I don't know how to reference the areas I'd like to edit.
msmiller replied on at Permalink Reply
I finally get it. Thanks so much!!
msmiller replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, I'm almost there.

Has anyone ever revised the login and registration pages? My theme looks terrible.

If I can see an example, maybe I can get it.

I want to reformat the information on the login page, but this part isn't editable when I change it to my theme.
msmiller replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Well, I've managed to edit the login page slightly. But, in Firefox, I have a weird shadow around my submit buttons that isn't there when the page uses whatever's in default.

I also have a line under the password data-entry field that I'd like to eliminate. I've attached a screenshot, if it helps.

Any thoughts, folks?
ryan replied on at Permalink Reply
1. Change the Theme
So if you want to completely customize this page, you'd first set the theme of the page to match your site (assuming that's your desired outcome)

Take a look in config/site_theme_paths.php

this post is helpful:

The page won't load the style sheets for the concrete plain dashboard theme.

2. Customize the pages themselves.

Copy files:


That will allow you to make changes to those files and still keep those changes when you upgrade to the next version of concrete.

In those pages you can change the css classes around so the default concrete styles won't affect your buttons & such.