Elemental Theme - Deleting Unwanted Blocks Completely

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I have the elemental theme running in 5.7.2.

I know how to edit the page, etc.
I now want to just use the elemental as a basic theme for me to customize further.
My customization is limited to;

a. deleting unwanted stuff
b. renaming some stuff

I cant seem to delete blocks completely ( hopefully blocks is the right term )


a.1 -> in the sitewide footer social area;, i could "edit block" and then delete but there still remains an empty box called "Empty Sitewide Footer Social Area"
a.2 -> There are also othe boxes that i want to get rid off, example "Empty Sitewide Footer Contact Area" ,etc.

So where do we go to remove these empty boxes?

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi marcomeswara,

Those boxes you see are areas. Each area is a place where concrete5 can "inject" content the page. The areas are defined in the page template PHP files.

Example: Empty Sitewide Footer Social Area
- this is the "Footer Social" area
- "Sitewide" is added to the area name when the area is global (it will be on every page with that area)
- "Empty" is added onto the name when the area is empty

Here is where the "Footer Social" area is defined in the PHP:

Areas cannot be moved or deleted from within concrete5. They can be removed from the PHP though. If you decide to remove the area, make sure that it is empty. If you have blocks in an area and then remove the area from the PHP it will cause errors.
meswaramarco replied on at Permalink Reply
life saving answer ... THANX !!!