Font Awesome Icons

Hi All,

I am using the Karma Theme, which is advertised to come already equipped with Font Awesome installed and ready to go.

Unfortunately the developer either doesn't exist or doesn't care, so does not respond to any support requests - which has lead me to here, to see if anyone has any experience with Font Awesome, because I cannot of the life of my figure out how to get the icons to show up on the site.

Ive been using the information on the font awesome site ( which is where the theme documentation points to for explanation on how to use font awesome), which has lead me to believe that I just copy and paste the code directly into where I want it to show up. So Ive tried adding it to a content block, both straight in a and via the html pop up window, and also by adding it directly to a html block, but no go - only code shows up and no icon.

Am I missing something really obvious? (very possible, as I have been staring at this screen for days working on the website LOL! ).

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Meje replied on at Permalink Reply
worked it out....

Turns out the theme Im using was build with an old version of font awesome, but the documentation of the theme points to the main (and now newer) font codes. Which is why it wasn't working!