How to make your own 5.7 Theme

Hey all,

I need to make some custom themes with 5.7.

Step 1: Make some quick changes to elemental to meet immediate needs.

Step 2: Create my own theme.

To do step 1, I copied elemental, and changed the folder name (obviously), changed page_theme.php and description.txt but it does not list on the theme page.

How do I install (and test) a custom made theme. How do I get it to display in the theme list. I'm using 5.7.2 currently.

I tried this:

But the links 404'd in the theme section.

I was reading this, but I suspect this is for 5.6 or earlier, and doesn't apply. It also didn't answer this question. Following those instructions clearly won't work.

Thank you.

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AJTD replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm having this same problem, I can't edit the Elemental theme, even when its copied to a new location with the name changed. I also can't get the custom or created themes to show up in 5.7.2. Hopefully this post gets some more replies :)
KenHarvestClouds replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm having this same problem. I did notice that my folder structure does not have the /applications/ folder and everything under it that the video about converting an HTML theme talks about. I'm wondering if my installation isn't installed correctly.
KenHarvestClouds replied on at Permalink Reply
Well... that was interesting. I use Coda and when I went to terminal on my server, and looked the folder was there. I refreshed the folder list in Coda, and the Application folder was in fact there. The crazy thing is that I thought I refreshed that... Caffeine isn't working!
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Here is the location of the new concrete5 5.7 developer documentation.
olsgreen replied on at Permalink Reply
I've just update my custom theme starter boilerplate for 5.7.x, I've also put a short screencast together on how to start using it:

May be of help to some of you.
ShawnPConroy replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey thanks!